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Welcome into the world of #DuttiBag, the original paper bag.

More about this product

If, like us, you like this bag with particular looks, it is that;

  1. You are looking for a paper bag or an original paper pouch
  2. You want a cheap paper bag
  3. You look after your style
  4. You want to be on the page
  5. You are “trend addict”

The 5 conditions are met ?! We welcome you in the #DuttiBag Universe, the first personalized paper bag without side bellows! The Dutti collection is a collection of customized packaging products made up of original paper bags and special gift wallets. The printed #Dutti paper bag is distinguished from the customized paper bag with traditional twisted handles, thanks to its volume marked by the absence of lateral gussets. This technical characteristic makes this original advertising bag a formidable weapon that will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. The #Dutti personalized paper bag can be finalized with a self-adhesive closure or a self-adhesive flap. As long as you are there, why not add rounded edges …? The #Dutti really seems limitless … and that’s why we love it!


We offer 4 versions of our original customized paper bag “Dutti”:

  1. #Dutti Custom Paper Bag
  2. Custom #Dutti paper bag with self-adhesive tape
  3. Personalized gift bag with self-adhesive flap and handles
  4. Personalized gift bag with self-adhesive flap without handles

Rounded corners are available throughout the #Dutti range.

Photo représentative de Shapes
Photo représentative de Paper and manufacturing

Paper and manufacturing

We have a large stock of FSC paper: kraft white 80-90-110gr, kraft brown Havana 80-90-110gr, … Special papers on request.

The #Dutti bag’s patented manufacturing process is revolutionary. The folds are flatter and more robust than a traditional paper bag. The storage volume is reduced by 4!


Many standard formats are available. The absence of bellows is not a brake on our #Dutti paper bags because we keep your useful volumes and convert them into #Dutti units.

Our #Dutti paper bag has a top flap and provides additional marketing space.

Photo représentative de Formats
Photo représentative de Printing


We offer our paper bag # Dutti

  • With or without printing
  • With 1 to 8 color printing
  • With gloss or matt varnishes
  • With UV varnish, hot stamping, relief, …


Depending on the design and visual appearance you want to give your paper bag, we offer one of the following handles:

  • Flat handles
  • Twisted handles
  • Rope handles
  • Printed handles.
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