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The personalized luxury paper bag is one of the most stylish of our paper bag selection. It is not for nothing that it is the emblem of shopping!

This promotional bag is made by hand, which is why we also call it the handmade paper bag. Thanks to a largely European production, we are able to provide our customers within 4 to 6 weeks. Our quality standards are very high, which guarantees our customers a robust personalized paper bag that can be reused.

Depending on the application, we offer different paper grades, a wide choice of handles and many possibilities for printing. We assure you a unique personalized paper bag, in your image!

1. Choose your format.

Our customized paper bags are available in all sizes. Our factory has a large stock of die-cut forms, made available free of charge to our customers.

We manufacture perfume paper bags, up to the XXL bag (70cm), by way of the unmistakable boot bag.

Photo représentative de 1. Choose your format.
Photo représentative de 2. Choose your paper.

2. Choose your paper.

Our production plants have a large stock of FSC paper, ranging from traditional coated paper, to high-quality brown kraft paper, to black-tinted black paper. We also have a wide range of structured papers (Repeat Pattern).

Depending on your project, your positioning and your budget, we will refer you to the appropriate paper.

3. Print your logo.

Our paper bags production plants are equipped with state-of-the-art printing tools, enabling us to print all your projects.

We print your paper bag by:

  • Offset with matt or gloss lamination
  • Offset without film coating
  • Hot, gold, silver, or any other colors
  • Embossing / relief
  • Varnish uv (selective shine of an area of the paper bag)
Photo représentative de 3. Print your logo.
Photo représentative de 4. What type of handles?

4. What type of handles?

The personalized luxury paper bag is handmade. This allows us to offer our customers several possibilities for the finishing of the handles. Our handles are either glued or attached to the paper bag using four knots. We can apply metal eyelets, for an even higher-end finish. The most commonly used handles are:

  • Cotton string
  • Cotton ribbons
  • Satin ribbons

5. Choose an accessory.

Stand out or make life easier with a custom finish.

The insertion of an incision on your paper bag will allow you to spend a nice neutral or personalized ribbon. You will transform your personalized luxury paper bag into a beautiful gift wrapping.

If you want an even more top-of-the-range finish, use a gold, silver, black or white metallic eyelet.

Photo représentative de 5. Choose an accessory.

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