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Our success is your satisfaction. Our 40 years as a custom packaging manufacturer in Belgium have taught us the importance of optimal advice Our consultants will spend the necessary time with you Will carefully study your customized packaging project, whether it is for the production of printed bags, printed boxes or any printed packaging product that is part of our range. Please do not hesitate to contact us and make a quick appointment Our offices in Brussels and Liège are at your disposal, depending on your locality, do not hesitate to contact us and we will always have a sales representative near you.

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Our company has its own graphic department. All projects, creations, layouts and setups are done internally, with the flexibility and speed of adaptation that this organization allows. We can of course work from files provided by our customers.


We print all your bags, pouches, gift boxes, boxes …. in flexo, offset or screen printing up to 8 colors with or without matt or glossy plastification. Our production sites are all equipped with the best machines to deliver your printed packaging, printed bags and all the printed packaging accessories you need for your shop or shops.

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We are manufacturer of packaging. Chez Galand. Each order is a new production. Depending on the type of packaging your business needs, our custom packaging is manufactured and / or printed at one of our production sites in Belgium, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey or Asia. For 40 years, our factory has developed a vast international network allowing us to offer you the best products, at the best prices and as soon as possible. We also have in-house a printing unit that allows us to deal with a very urgent request, whether for printed paper bags or printed cloth bags.


As a packaging manufacturer, our company has extensive warehouses. If a customer wishes to order in large quantities in order to benefit from a preferential price but does not have a suitable place of storage in his business or in his company, we offer free of charge our storage halls at his disposal. Intermediate deliveries between the storage hall and the store are then scheduled.

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Our carriers can deliver you anywhere in the world. Thanks to our storage halls, we make split deliveries on request.

We have in-house delivery service so we can deliver your orders as soon as possible.

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